How to Ensure your Binance login ?

How to Ensure your Binance login details from Scammers? 

If you are using Binance for cryptocurrency trading, then the blog is for you. We have put together a few security tips for you. You can use these tips to secure your account. The reason is, Binance has always been attacked by hackers and scammers. So, when you are using the site, there is a possibility that hackers might try to gain access to your account.  Their aim is simple. To steal your personal information and your cryptos in your account.

You might already know some of these tips, some not. However, one thing is sure; once you apply these tips, you have taken a step to ensure the safety of your Binance Login info. 

Enabling Two Factor Authentication 

We will begin with the popular choice. When you begin to use the site, it will be recommended by the website to enable itself. There are three ways of doing it: Yubikey, Google authenticator and Sms Verification. Experts recommend using the yubikey for strongest protection. Google is being the second most choice. SMS verification is the least choice. Use it only when you have no other option to use. You may ask, why it is the least choice to protect your Binance login Details just call at Binance Support Number. Hackers and scammers do a really good job to hack your account. The technique is called sim swapping. When they do this, they are going to receive every information recorded on your Sim Card, when you are using it for login. 

So, this is why it is not safe to use. However, we would recommend using Google authenticator, Which is a much better option. So how you can use them. Here's a quick guide for it.. Go to Binance login page, after login, Go to the security page. There you will see the option to enable it. Instructions are very easy to follow. 

However there is one thing you need to know. When you enable the two-factor authentication, you have to understand. It is a not full proof guarantee to secure your Binance account. So, it would help if you were careful about it. You will get a private key,which needs to be protected. So could you not share it with anyone?

Using Withdrawal Address whitelist

 Now, we will move to a not popular option. However, it is extremely helpful to ensure safety. To understand it in simple words. Read this. You can send funds to any address in Binance, but when you enable this. The only address which has been verified by you will be eligible to receive the funds.  So, even if a hacker gain access to Binance login details, then try to transfer the funds, it won't be possible. You can save your funds, even after getting hacked. This is the biggest advantage of this feature. 

Let's see how you can activate it. First go to the homepage, From there go to security.  There you will see the option of Address Management. Click on it. There is another option in it. The default setting for whitelist is off. It would help if you turned it on manually.  When you turn it on, you are going to see a pop up of confirming the action. After it you need to provide the 2FA authentication. Whatever method you have chosen, you will need to complete it. Then the option will be enabled. 

Now every time you want to transfer the funds, you need to add the address manually. Then Binance will confirm it. It will send you an email to do it. Lastly, the address will be added to the whitelist. 

So, this was our guide on securing the Binance login details. I hope you will use the tips we have shared with you.

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